Cartoon by J.H.Buckingham showing the view from the inside of Buckingham's shop window on High Street, St Albans. Buckingham sold china and antiques in his shop and did picture framing. He used to put his cartoons in the window for sale and for the fun of seeing their effect. In this cartoon, a crowd has gathered to see his latest libel.
At the centre of this crowd, holding a camera, is Joseph Morris, mayor of St Albans three times in sucession and one of Buckingham's favourite victims. Morris owned "The Dial", a St Albans newspaper, rival of the Herts Advertiser owned by Richard Gibbs. On Morris' left is Joseph Wells ("Joe W"), also a councillor, who is urging him to sue ("serve him as I served you, send a Lawyers Letter."). Behind Morris stands "Jack of the [Crossed Keys?] having a game with Joe", who mocks Morris saying "Buck, Buck, Buck, how many Horns do I hold up". Behind them, a lady comments "Don't make such a fool of yourself Joe".
(top): A Great Photographer Copying his own Portrait by Jack Harry Hit'emoff [J.H. Buckingham's nickname for himself] his being so very dark."
(bottom): "A NOTED CHARACTER taking Notes preparatory to a very Bad Action. not being particular what he does to gain Notoriety a few of those Notes he proposes to throw away - would be very acceptable towards - the Soup Kitchen - as a professes to be such a Friend to the Poor. Brother Bow's hand is open - Joe."
"Jack Harry Hit'emoff takes Joe Nick'emoff in the very act of Stealing his ideas."
"N.13. The Artist does not condescend to Notice Small Fry but Joe being full Roe'd and a very large Flat Fish that Flounders about in troubled waters and having an Uncommon big Sole ought to be dish'd up like Cods-head and Shoulders with plenty of Sauce. he ought to consider it a great Honour confer'd by having his Name handed down to Posterity."
"The Artists Window"
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