Hand coloured aquatint, 477 x 356 mm (sheet size). No artist's details. Published and sold October 1st, 1813, by Edward Orme, Bond Street (corner of Brook Street) London.
These three glass vessels, including the Kingsbury jug(1978.14) in the centre, were found in a stone coffin at Kingsbury, St Albans, in 1813.
The text below the image (cropped out of this shot) reads: "The above described Antient Vessels composed of very thin white Glass, were found in an oblong square Coffin of Portland Stone, by some Labourers digging for gravel in the manor of Kingsbury near St Albans, belonging to the Viscount Grimston. The Skeleton found near them mouldered away upon exposure to the external air. The vessels were partly filled with liquid, which on being analized appeared to have been water, mixed with earth, probably having ouzed thro' the pores of the stone lid. No inscription could be traced on the Coffin, which is supposed to be of great Antiquity. By orders of Ld. Grimston it has since been deposited in the Parish Church of St Michaels."
This copy is mounted but not scanned. We also hold a duplicate copy, unmounted but scanned - 2008.5520, in PWD Box 42.
'Very Antient Vessels Found March 1813, near St Albans.'
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