scrapbook belonging to Kate Hollingsworth born 1846 died 1859 she was killed in a pony trap accident. It was given to her by her mother Eliza. The scrapbook was sent to the artist J. H. Buckingham by Eliza so that he could put some sketches inside it to start Katie off. He was a close family friend.
Accession numbers 2006. 5481- 2006. 5837 and 2006. 5837- 2006. 5839 come from the album. It appears that Buckingham must have had it between January and October 1855.
The note reads: "Dear Miss, I return your album with a few original sketches, hoping that you may live many years in the enjoyment of health and happiness, a consolation to your parents, every year improving and showing additional acts of kindness and gratitude, in return for their tender and affectionate care of you, that the latter years of their life may be truly happy. And Am, Dear Miss, Your sincere friend, J.H. Buckingham, Artist."
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