Watercolour cartoon by J.H.Buckingham showing "The Celebrated One Arm and One Leg Cricket Match", played by amputees, taking place on the land alongside Christ Church which lies between Folly Lane and Verulam Road and is now Victoria Park.
Centre caption reads "The Celebrated One Arm and One Leg Cricket Match what has somewhat put the Regulars noses out of joint 'cause they can't draw."

Individual captions from left to right read:
"Jack, keep your weather Eye open." "Shiver my timbers Tom, fine sailing craft these St Albans Girls, well rigged."
"Taken in Tow"
"Anxiously waiting to make an acquaintance."
"Snug family party."
"On the lookout for a Partner."
"Courting under cover."
"Fine calfs little Brains."
"The Three Sisters ready to make a match to play a Game with any Young Cricketer."
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