O: NERO CLAUD CAESAR AVG GER PM TRP IMP PP, head right R: SC, Victory advancing left holding buckler inscribed SPQR

Did you know…There are tales of same sex marriage in ancient Rome.
It was not uncommon for emperors, and common men, to have taken male companions alongside a female spouse.
Many men in Rome would have a male partner, marrying women for the purpose of having children, which in Ancient times was the main function of what we would refer to as heterosexual marriage/relationship.
Emperor Nero, who ruled Rome between 54 and 68AD, was married to men as well as women. He first married a freeman named Pythagoras. Following Pythagoras’ death, Nero married a man named Sporus. The ceremony was celebrated in both Greece and Rome and had all the typical elements of a Roman marriage including a rose-coloured veil and a huge gathering of friends, family and witnesses at the wedding.
(Based on research completed by Stephanie Eastoe, 2017)
as of Nero
Production Date
65 AD
Diameter: 2.9cm
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